Advertising with Yachtbuilder InternationalThe most cost-effective and best-presented advertising the industry has seen... And no more guess work... This media delivers full readership/viewing stats, not to mention the 'live links' on all buttons and banners and on the display ads throughout the page-turning magazine... And of course there are the multimedia opportunities — slideshows and movie clips can be attached to display ads... Oh yes, our advertisers have massive scope. Plus they will know precisely what their budgets are delivering as our viewing stats are second to none!





Yachtbuilder International and is promoted to 15,000-plus industry executives located all over the world — 7,500 or so at boatyards, 3,500 or so at equipment and material manufacturers and distributors, 2,000 boat dealers, distributors and brokers, and a further 2,000-plus elsewhere — naval architects, yacht design studios, professionally crewed yachts etc. But that’s the tip of the iceberg. Eventually we expect to attract double or triple those figures as the word spreads.

Everyone in the industry with an internet connection and whose job function could be enhanced by being more clued up about what is happening in the boatbuilding business internationally is encouraged to sign up.

The site is free to view, but there are subscription incentives, simply so we can capture the essentials regarding readership demographics.

Everywhere in the world that there are boats and industry infrastructure, Yachtbuilder International is influencing!

To promote the site and drive traffic, the subscription list will receive a weekly newsletter, one carrying the headline summaries of the latest news and new-product stories to be found on the website, plus alerting to newly ‘posted’ digital issues.
But a huge benefit of web-based media is accurate viewing figures. Unlike the paper competition — which likes to maintain every page in every issue is seen by multiple readers — digital media register every click and every ‘live link’ trail.

All Yachtbuilder International advertisers will get regular reports detailing views per page, including geographical breakdowns and clicked links. So our advertisers will know precisely how well their ads are doing.


Bi-Monthly Magazine Frequency 

Issue Dates Copy Date 'Go-Live' Day
AUG/SEPT 2009 (No1)
August 17 September 4
JAN/FEB 2010 (No2)
January 28Febuary 8
JULY/AUG 2010 (No3)
July 18August 2
MAR/APR 2011 (No4)March 24April 12
MAY/JUNE 2011 (No5)June 6
June 29
JULY/AUG 2011 (No6)August 8August 31
SEPT/OCT 2011 (No7)October 3October 26
NOV/DEC 2011 (No8)November 14December 7
JAN/FEB 2012 (No9)January 12February 7
MAR/APR 2012 (No10)March 20April 2
MAY/JUNE 2012 (No11)May 10
June 3
JULY/AUG 2012 (No12)July 11Aug 1
JULY/AUG 2012 (No13)July 5July 25
SEPT/OCT 2012 (No14)September 20October 15


Magazine Display Advertising Rates

Type Ad Proportions

  One Ad*

One Year
(5-Issue) Deal**
Double-Page Spread 400w x 260h (mm) £1,725 £1,125 Each
Double-Page Spread
with Special Features
400w x 260h (mm) £2,125 £1,135 Each
Full-Page 200w x 269h (mm) £1,150 £750 Each
Full-Page with
Special Features
200w x 260h (mm) £1,550 £1,010 Each
1/2-Page Horizontal 200w x 130h (mm) £650 £440 Each
1/2-Page Horizontal
with Special Features
200w x 130h (mm) £1,050 £685 Each

1/2-Page Vertical

100w x 260h (mm)  £650 £440 Each
1/2-Page Vertical
with Special Features
100w x 260h (mm) £1,050 £685 Each
1/4-Page Horizontal 180w x 59h (mm) £375 £245 Each
1/4-Page Vertical 88w x 116h (mm) £375 £245 Each

* Special Features include movie clips and slideshows of up to four minutes duration, including a soundtrack if required.
** In digital form this media pack is available with prices in euros or US dollars. But note prices are fixed at the point of booking, regardless of exchange rate shifts.

Advertisement artwork should be provided as pdf files. Most forms of rich media — videos/movie clips etc — should  be acceptable. If in doubt, our ad team will advise.

Beyond web addresses, other hyperlinks can also be embedded.

Special Positions

Inside Front Cover & Page 1 for Double-Page Spread £600
Double-Page Spreads before Page 10 £400
Right & Left-Hand Pages can be specified for no extra charge, but note with an all-digital magazine there should be no real difference as regards reader impact as both left and right-hand pages are always visble together


Website Banner-Ad Opportunities

Type Pixel Size (px) Cost/Month 12-Month Deal
Regular Banner 468w x 60h £250/Month £200/Month
Button 120w x 60h £120/Month £100/Month
Square Button 120w x 120h £165/Month £130/Month 
Skyscraper 120w x 600h £400/Month £350/Month
Regular Banner + Animation 468w x 60h £335/Month £265/Month
Button + Animation 120w x 60h £155/Month £135/Month
Square Button + Animation 120w x 120h £200/Month £165/Month
Skyscraper + Animation 120w x 600h £435/Month £385/Month

Advertisement artwork should be provided as jpeg or gif (static or animated) files.
Just look to your right here to see how effective they are... Each takes its turn at the top, because they are served into position at random.


ForwardOrders Newsletter Banners

Yachtbuilder International’s ForwardOrders newsletter will be emailed to the subscription list every week from March 2011. It will carry headlines and summaries of the latest news stories posted on and announce when new issues of Yachtbuilder International Magazine have been posted. Plus it will carry banner ads of variable size: prices on application.
Advertisement artwork for these should be provided as jpeg images.


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