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June 02, 2008


Under management...

Farsounder's forward-looking sonar system has a lot to commend it, whether for collision avoidance or underwater-intruder detection. Consider this incredibly useful tool as a beneath-the-surface 3D radar! June 2008  Read more, see more >

September 20, 2007


Premium Positions...

Aldo Maccari, CEO of Candover Italy, part of the London-headquartered Candover Investment PLC private-equity house, talks to Phil Draper about his operation’s Ferretti Group investment and about future growth strategy. September 2007 Read more, see more >

August 05, 2007


Strain gauge...

In the hands of experts finite-element-analysis (FEA) techniques can have a huge impact on the design process, optimizing structures in all sorts of ways. Very few people are capable of using it correctly, however, and current applications are perhaps more restricted than one would necessarily assume. Phil Draper quizzes High Modulus’s resident FEA expert James Anderson as to where we’re at with the technology and where it’s going. Read more, see more >

June 28, 2007


Matched pair...

Very much the custom yacht specialist, the Royal Huisman Shipyard doesn’t often get to build any two yachts the same. But a few years ago along came some clients that essentially said ‘we’ve seen your ‘02-launched Borkumriff IV and we’d like one just the same please!’. That decision not only meant a quicker build time, which translated directly to less cost for the owners and improved efficiency for the yard, but also, now that their virtually identical 52m American east coast topsail schooner Meteor has been delivered, their yacht is all the better for it. Phil Draper reports.  Read more, see more >

March 19, 2007


Fairline Boats - Charted Course...

British motorcruiser and motoryacht builder Fairline Boats is only halfway into a three-year lean-manufacturing implementation, but already the pay off is considerable. Sales and profits continue to climb, while the establishment remains the same. Phil Draper reports. Read more, see more >